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We have just added the Pallatrax Gripz hooks and hook lengths to the range which we think compliments the rest of our products.









Customer Review


Maggot conditioner.

I initially thought John was taking the P when he asked me to try a new conditioner -  I`m as bald as.

However, this is maggot conditioner from Evolved baits and, to paraphrase a popular range of wood care products – it does exactly what it says on the tub.

I haven`t got decades of angling experience so I don`t know of any Izaak Walton era fixes for dubious maggots, but, I added the recommended amount of conditioner to a batch of gopping, frothing maggots and it soon cleaned them up –  the froth & grease had gone. Amazed at its restorative effect, and to see whether the first result was a fluke I put aside half a pint of fresh reds without any maize, sawdust etc and lobbed them in the garden shed: sure enough,  later in the week I had a writhing mass of sticky, stinking maggots. Add the magic granules, a quick shake, and voila ! usable bait.

A great product to have around - just in case you can`t always get fresh bait, or have bait in need of salvation – this will do the trick.